Small Animal Clinic

At Vet & Agric we strive to maintain your pets’ health. We believe a healthy pet is a happy pet. Preventative medicine is therefore the cornerstone of our practice. Annual physical and dental examinations, routine blood tests, vaccinations and control of external parasites (ticks and fleas) are therefore highly recommended.

We operate from two clinics and our branch in Phakalane stays open until 20h00 Monday to Fridays to accommodate our clients working late.

Internal medicine: We have the capacity to diagnose and treat a variety of pet ailments. Our clinic has the expertise and equipment to diagnose and treat medical problems such as:

- Tick borne diseases

- Heart, liver, kidneys and gastroenterology related conditions.

- Infectious diseases

- Toxicity cases

- Endocrine diseases such as Diabetes

- Dermatological conditions

-Trauma cases

Surgical Services: Our facilities and expertise can handle a variety of surgical procedures. These include spays, neuters, caesarean sections, abdominal soft tissue surgery and orthopaedic surgery. Our clinic is equipped with an anaesthetic machine to ensure that all surgical procedures are done with safety. We are dedicated in providing safe and effective pain management to every patient. Recognizing pain in our patients is at the very heart of quality and compassionate patient care

Radiology: We offer both x-ray and ultrasound facilities as diagnostic tools for your animals. With our new state of the art x-ray equipment we are able to take digital radiographs that allow us to see images more clearly than with old technology and send it electronically for expert or second opinions



Dental Health: Dental health is a very important part of preventive healthcare. Tartar accumulation lead-to bad breath, periodontal disease, tooth loss and even organ infections. We recommend and offer routine to extensive ultrasonic dental scaling, polishing and extraction where needed. This is done under general anaesthetic to ensure thorough cleaning without causing damage to your pets enamel. Most old pets (Over 8 years) require general dental work every 6-12 months

Diagnostic Services: Tick borne and other tropical diseases in Botswana are very common. We have in house microscopes for evaluating blood smears whilst you wait. Our In house laboratory allows us to run blood tests to assess kidney, liver, function general blood counts. In addition we can test for urinary tract infection, diabetes blood tests and Feline Leukaemia virus, FIV and canine distemper. All these diagnostic tools assist in providing a complete accurate health picture that can be used to reach a clinical decision. We recommend that geriatric pets (over 8 years old) have general blood tests at least once a year.


House Calls/ Home visits: We do house calls for vaccinations and de-worming. However, for animals that require diagnostic procedures or treatment, we strongly advise that they be brought to the clinic to enable us to provide a thorough service in a controlled environment, properly diagnose and give the right treatment. If you are unable to transport your pet, we can provide a pickup and drop off service for a fee.

Emergency Services: We provide after hour emergency services to our clients and patients via an emergency number. Please note that our Vet on call is not stationed at the surgery and needs to drive from his/her home. Due to a number of fake call outs, our vets now have a policy of waiting only for15 minutes after agreed arrival times, before leaving back to their families.

Payments: Admissions and discharges are done mainly during office hours. The practice is forthcoming concerning all charges incurred during pet’s hospitalization. All Hospitalized patients require a deposit and full payment is due at the time of service or upon discharge from hospitalization. Method of payments includes Visa, MasterCard, Debit card, cash and cheques.

The Vet Shop

Nutritional Counselling/Dietary Services: We offer service in dietary selection and feed practices for pets during various stages of life such as growth, pregnancy, nursing and the "golden years". Nutrition related diseases are corrected by our vets by prescribing specific scientific diets to maintain good health. These foods are sold by prescription only. We stock specialised Hills Prescription Science Diets, and Super Premium diets: Eukanuba, Hills, Iams and the Premium diet SuperVet

Pharmacy: Our in-house pharmacy stock most of the prescription drugs that your animals may need to ensure effective treatment.  In addition, we produce vaccine protocols to ensure our livestock clients are taken care of as well. Where we do not have specific drugs in stock, our infrastructure logistics allows to source it locally or internationally.

Our vet shop carries a wide variety of pet accessories (pet carrier boxes, collars, leashes, blankets, pet beds, chew bits etc.), shampoos, and tick control products


Livestock Services

We provide general advisory service on diseases, risk mitigation solutions for day to day farming challenges at the clinic. In addition we do scheduled and ad hoc field services including bull fertility testing and pregnancy diagnosis for farmers.


We further provide support for production programs, reproduction programs and disease diagnostic and control programs.

Our vet shop also stocks commonly used non-prescription drugs used in the livestock industry, tick control and deworming products for livestock. Requisites such as ear tags, livestock microchips, dehorning/Disbudding tools, castration equipment and weaning rings are also available.


Wildlife Services 

It is our aim to provide professional services with integrity to the wildlife research and commercial sectors to promote research, conservation and sustainable use of wildlife to the benefit of Botswana and its people.

We understand the importance of wildlife research and research subjects to our wildlife research clients. We therefore aim to have our services interfering as little as possible with the habits of the animals and the aims of the research.

Welfare of animals is of paramount importance and we take all steps to ensure that the wellbeing of the animals we work with is priority.

We further believe that the wildlife resources in Botswana and the wellbeing of its people are inseparable and we therefore support a holistic one World approach to the conservation and sustainable utilization of Botswana’s wildlife resources.    

We do accept that with limited resources in Africa the need for co-existence between people, wildlife and livestock will result in conflict and casualties. It is our aim to assist the casualties of the conflict while try to find workable and sustainable solution to the conflict without prejudice.



Services provided include:

  • Wildlife research assistance and support (sample collection, telemetric/GPS collar fittings and disease surveillance sampling),
  • wildlife research permit applications
  • wildlife movement permit applications
  • wildlife imports
  • wildlife capture and relocation of threatened and endangered species
  • aerial game census
  • boma design and building
  • wildlife management programs and consultancies for small and medium reserves and ranches 


We have extensive experience in the relocation of large herbivores like rhino and elephant and chemical immobilization of large predators like lion, leopard, cheetah, African wild dog and hyena.

The company has superior equipment to provide the necessary services under the diverse and challenging conditions of the African bush in Botswana.


We also have access to equipment like relocation crates, trucks, light fixed wing aircraft and helicopters to assist in the services required.

The Company works closely with the Departments of Wildlife and National Parks, The Botswana Defence Force and Veterinary Services in Botswana and our policy is to adhere to the laws, regulations and policies of the various government Departments of the Republic of Botswana.