About the Company

Oxbow Investments (Pty) Ltd trading as Vet and Agric Consultants was an established small animal veterinary practice bought out by Drs GM Sento (Motswana) and FJ Verreynne (RSA) in 2006. They immediately started diversifying the services from predominantly small animals and equine to include production animals and wildlife. Based in Gaborone, it is now the largest veterinary practise in Botswana, with 5 veterinary surgeons and 12 supporting staff members, and providing veterinary services all over the country.

Our vets have combined experience of more than thirty-five years, graduated in Africa, the UK and the Caribbean, and is blessed with a diverse interest to provide veterinary services to all sectors. All the surgeons are legally registered with the Botswana Veterinary Council, while some are also registered at the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons (UK) and the South African Veterinary Council.

Apart from small animal, livestock and wildlife clinical and surgical services, we also provide consultancy work for both commercial and small- scale livestock farmers on production, reproduction, disease control and prevention, farm management plans, pregnancy diagnosis, fertility testing in bulls/rams. We additionally provide wildlife management services to game ranches in the form of management plans, game relocations, and stocking rates.

We assist the large expatriate community to fulfil the veterinary movement requirements for their pets in and out of Botswana.

Research assistance to wildlife researchers are provided in the form of
chemical immobilization and trapping for telemetry collaring, sample collection and taking scientific measurements.

Collaboration programs with a number of foreign tertiary institutions now also see some of our vets teaching subjects in wildlife and livestock management.

Our facilities include modern diagnostic equipment and access to laboratories locally and in South Africa.

Our Social Corporate Responsibility programs include outreach programs to communities living with wildlife, presentations at Farmers Days, assisting animal welfare institutions in spay and vaccination campaigns, rhino conservation, and assisting wildlife injured in the human wildlife conflict.